Harmony of the Ecstasy reviewed on Smother Magazine

by J-Sin, published on Smother Magazine Nov 2005

Slovenian artist Marry Ann punctuates his “Intolerance” release with an equally challenging ambient pop album in “The Harmony of the Ecstasy”. This album sounds a bit more mature but still has the relaxing and oddly exuberant attitude of the prior album. Good stuff


CD The Harmony of the Ecstasy

The Harmony of the Ecstasy
We Should Live Together
The Conquest
This Song Is Like You
We Are All Beasts
Life Escape
In The Name Of

In The Harmony of the Ecstasy MarryAnn musically explore events which make big changes in our lives, builds up our characters and of course bring to us strong emotions (positive and negative). Compositions try to repropose those moments but with message "that in every thing we should always find something positive". 

CD Intolerance

Intolerance is MarryAnn's debut CD of electronic music. In this album He musically explores the world, people and life. He often like to say that he paint the world with harmonies.

Primal Instinct
Nature's Hysteria
Lost Dreams
Earth's Revenge 
Ignorance Or Belief
From Now To Eternity  
Night Generation

In the Intolerance MarryAnn meditate about the causes of so much pain in the world. Is this the avidity, money, or maybe the color of skin? But probably the main cause is the extreme INTOLERANCE between people. And if this is not going to change, all this negative energy will finally culminate in a complete world destruction.

Intolerance reviewed on Smother Magazine

by J-Sin, published on Smother Magazine

Smoky new age music from the far-off distant lands of Slovenia. “Intolerance” is MIDI-heaven with incredibly well-composed songs. Perhaps one problem is that it sounds very computerized but hey it’s still a heck of a lot better than what most people could do with a MIDI controller.

Intolerance reviewed on Wind And Wire

by Bill binkelman, published on Wind And Wire 

MarryAnn is the alias for a Slovenian EM artist who records some of the catchiest and snazzy synth-driven EM pop instrumental music I've heard in a long time. If you're a fan of synth-pop artists from the '80s (Howard Jones, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, or OMD, i.e. Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark) but also enjoy instrumental EM/synth music (e.g. Giorgio Moroder, Cusco, Harold Faltermeyer or the lighter side of Jarre) these two releases are almost certain to put a grin on your face

Intolerance reviewed on Progrography

by David Connolly,published on progrography

Artists occasionally send me discs to review on Progrography, and I’m afraid I’ve been sitting on Intolerance for a while. Sitting on it and listening to it, until the songs arrive at an appointed hour like old friends. Electronic/club music, which this is, isn’t something I usually get too chummy with, since it all tends to sound the same to me.

The Harmony of the Ecstasy reviewed on Sensorium.it

by Michele Dicuonzo, published on Sensorium.it

... A peculiarity of MarryAnn is in rejuvenating those (nevertheless fascinating) cosmic and sometimes to much long-winded and auto-indulgent behaves, with the intent to offer a more firm and easily digestible kind of music. The music from this album appears lively and brilliant, at the moments also danceable: in other words full of life (text in Italian)....

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